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Year 2

Teacher: Miss Perry, Mrs Pimm, Mrs Gould
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Laird, Mrs White, Mrs Bateson and Mrs Rowe

Year 2 Newsletter Autumn Term

Welcome to Year 2! We have planned an exciting half term, ready to enthuse and motivate the children. Our first topic, ‘Sailing the Seven Seas’, focuses upon boats, adventures and exploration. Within this topic, we will be studying a number of sea-themed texts with the children, including some extended picture books before progressing onto our focus text, ‘James and the Giant Peach’ by Roald Dahl.


Our topic in the afternoons will explore the different continents and seas of our planet. We will be studying some significant individuals who changed the world through sailing and engineering such as Christopher Columbus and Brunel. As part of this, we will also be completing some creative tasks, such as creating our own moving sails using pulleys. Furthermore, we have an exciting trip organised that we will let you know about in due course.


P.E day for both classes is a Wednesday. Therefore, please make sure that your child has their P.E kit in school  every Wednesday and that any earrings are removed or taped up and long hair is tied up.


Your child will be placed into a Read Write Inc group and their weekly spellings will be given within this group. They will be given out on a Monday to be tested the following Monday. We thank you for your support in learning these spellings.


Our ‘Rainbow Reader’ scheme will continue as it did last year. The children will get onto the rainbow after 10 reads at home and then progress through the colours, moving up a colour every 10 reads. Reading diaries will be checked every Friday. We would like to remind you that each read should be a ‘quality’ read with a discussion about what has been read. Again, we thank you for your support with this as regular reading can make a huge impact on your child’s education.


Within the next few weeks, the children will receive weekly Maths facts to practice as homework to be tested every Friday, similarly to their Year 1 homework. We appreciate your help learning these facts.



  • To develop stamina for writing
  • To write for different purposes
  • To use spacing between words that reflects the size of the letters
  • To ensure ascenders and descenders can be easily distinguished
  • To extend sentences using coordinating conjunctions (or, and, or but)
  • To extend sentences using subordinating conjunctions (when, if, that, because)
  • To develop an understanding of expanded noun phrases
  • To use full stops correctly, to use capital letters correctly


  • To read and write numbers correctly in numerals to 100.
  • To add a two-digit number and ones and a two-digit number and tens where no regrouping is required
  • To subtract a two-digit number and ones and a two-digit number and tens where no regrouping is required
  • To recall doubles and halves to 20
  • To use number bonds and related subtraction facts within 20
  • To count in twos, fives and tens from 0 and use counting strategies to solve problems
  • To state the difference in tens and ones between two numbers


  • To identify the UK and it’s countries on a map, globe or atlas
  • To identify the surrounding seas of the UK on a map, globe or atlas
  • To identify the capital cities of the UK on a map, globe or atlas
  • To identify the world’s seven continents on a map, globe or atlas
  • To identify the world’s five oceans on a map, globe or atlas


  • To use sources to find out information about a person I am studying
  • To place events and artefacts in order on a time line
  • To use sources to find out information about an event I am studying
  • To know where the event I am studying fits within a chronological framework
  • To know why an event was significant nationally or globally
  • To know historically significant events/people or places in my own locality
  • To know where the people I am studying fit within a chronological framework


  • To tell you some of my strengths as a learner.
  • To listen to other people while they are talking.
  • To set a realistic goal.
  • To know some events or happenings that make people happy or sad.


  • To make products with an awareness of purpose and design
  • To explore and use moving parts in my products
  • To refine my design as my work progresses


Thank you for support with your child’s education. We will keep you updated with any events or updates as the term progresses.

From the Year 2 Team

Our Teachers


Miss B Perry

Class Teacher


Mrs H Laird

Learning Support Assistant / HLTA


Mrs B Gould

Class Teacher (Year 1-3)


Mrs J Bateson

Learning Support Assistant / HLTA

Mrs M White

Learning Support Assistant/HLTA

Mrs L Rowe

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs D Pimm


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